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Thursday, June 22, 2006

"We learned to make wine at the library..."

Did you know that the Gallo brothers learned to make wine at the library?

"In 1933, Ernest and Julio Gallo inherited their father's grape-selling business. Like many small businesses, they wanted to expand their product line. They knew very little about making wine--so they went to their local library to learn more about the process.

There, they found a pamphlet, 'The Principles of Wine-making.' They followed the directions and soon started producing wine.

Seventy years later, Ernest and Julio's small winery has grown to be the largest wine producer in the world. They create 2.5 million bottles of wine a day. One out of every four bottles of wine sold in the United States is a Gallo product. What started as an aspiring small business has created hundreds of jobs, thousands of opportunities, and millions of satisfied customers, all from asking a librarian for help."

Taken from Libraries, a publication of the American Library Association.



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