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Thursday, June 15, 2006

That's History Folks...


"We are informed that a crazy man was in town last Monday afternoon. He went to the depot and informed Agent Hawkins that he was a President, King, and lots of other things, and asked for a map of the U.S. Mr. Hawkins informed him that he did not have one. He (the man) then wanted to take possession of some freight bills. But our agent, being equal to the emergency, told him that he would carry him where he could secure the map. The fellow followed and Mr. H conducted him to Policeman Edwards and told him to arrest the fellow. This seemed to arrest the crazy man and he proceeded to vent his wrath on everybody by swearing, etc. Strange to say, he was not arrested, and after he had given vent to his feelings, he deliberately walked off unmolested by the law. Well!"

from the North Wilkesboro News, November 23, 1893

Commentary for the ladies:

"It's wicked to envy other people, but what girl doesn't look with envious eyes at that other girl--

Who has a fascinating dimple in either cheek?

Who has cunning little feet that she doesn't have to keep constantly covered with the hem of her skirts?

Who can say childish things and not appear idiotic?

Who is always well informed of current events?

Who knows how to receive a compliment without an embarassing blush and a painful smile?

Whose hands are plump and white and whose nails are always pink and even?

Who has the knack of saying the right thing at the right time?

Who doesn't care a cent how she looks or how old her gown is?

Whose nose doesn't get all shiny and need powdering every half hour?

Who, when she is ill, can look pale and big-eyed and interesting and not have to use some horrid ailment that makes her eyes swell and her nose red and her voice a deep bass?"

from the North Wilkesboro News, October 19, 1893

More news:

" When a short distance this side of Roaring River, which is about ten miles from this place, last Saturday afternoon, Capt. L. M. Hawkins saw a man sitting on the steps of the rear car, and opened the door and asked him to come in, or rather started to, but the boy did not give him time to do so. The train was running about 40 miles an hour, but a little thing like that did not worry him, for as soon as he observed the Capt., he immediately sprang off.

The train was was stopeed and run back to see what amount of damage had been done. He was unconscious, and they took him on board and brought him to this place, and Dr. W.P. Horton was summoned, who succeeded in bringing him to in about three hours. No bones were broken but he had a terrible shaking up.

He is a book agent and his name is Jno. Crouch, about 18 years old, and his parents live at Boomer, 12 miles south-west of here. His father came over after him Saturday night but he was unable to be moved. Sunday morning, however, he was much better and left for home.

Capt. Hawkins says he can't imagine what made him jump off the train as he had not spoken to him, but guesses it will be some time before he tries to beat again."

from the North Wilkesboro News, June 29, 1893

And a note about literature:

"Mathew Arnold said that literature contains a greater mass of educational material than all other things combined. Books are more than friends, for we can enter into a closer intimacy with a book than a friend, and they are the constant feeders of our life. Homer has made of every modern tongue a trumpet to sound his praise. Literature is one of the streams that refreshes us continually. It is a spring that is constantly and silently filling us all with new life and joy. The great beauty of Emerson was that he had zest in life. Every man and woman who came to him came with some message from God to him. He had the path of immortal spirit. In great literature we have something more than what is written...all great books have depth."

from the North Wilkesboro News, August 24, 1893

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